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Gravity… Its Everywhere!

SCPS-150928-026Photography is such an awesome and exciting medium to work in! Regardless of the setting, I find the visual environment to be rich, diverse, and full of amazing and exciting things.  Sometimes subtle things; such as a shadow slowly moving over a landscape or ethereal reflections on a body of water… sometimes brash and loud; screaming out for attention like the funky red leather shoes in this shop window located somewhere in London, UK!

No matter their nature… one thing I have found to be true is that compelling images, like gravity, are everywhere!  All we need do is look for them… and of course take time to enjoy!

Sometimes Things Just Work Out

SCPS-150928-099While enjoying the evening air, … and perhaps one or two pints if I’m to be completely honest, with friends from a rooftop cafe overlooking Trafalgar Square the full moon began to rise over the famed London skyline.  As the moon rose ever higher and higher above the horizon, what had previously been a slightly overcast sky began to clear. Begging forgiveness from several patrons who had the misfortune of being seated near the “Crazy Yank” with the camera & tripod I positioned myself near the ornate iron rail at the periphery of the pub and hoped the fog bank on the horizon wouldn’t spoil my shot!

With Nelson’s Column, which rises some 56 meters above Trafalgar Square, on the left and the London Eye, the largest “cantilevered” Ferris wheel in the world, on the right I watched…and waited! With the moon hanging directly above the Shard,  an 87 story (310 meter) high skyscraper located in the London borough of Southwark, and the haze slowly creeping in I made several “time lapse” exposures, hoped for the best and returned to my friends for another pint or two! The next morning while downloading images from my Nikon to the laptop I got my first real good look at the previous nite’s effort!  I’d be lying to you if I said that every aspect of this image was planned and pre-visualized, but the fact of the matter remains, and the honest truth is… sometimes you just get lucky! That said, the moral of the story I think is… always carry your camera, cause you just never know when things are just gonna work out! Oh yeah… don’t forget the tripod & cable release too! ‪#‎TrafalgerSquare‬, ‪#‎London‬ @Shardldn @TheLondonEye