Porvoo Finland

20130303DSC_2839-028Spent the day wandering around the quaint village of Porvoo, Finland. Even in the dead of winter this charming 14th-century village, the second oldest town in all of Finland, is a delight! Comfortable, human scaled streets lined with colorful wood framed structures housing a variety of boutiques, galleries, restaurants, cafes & tea shops!  Visible in this image over the snow covered rooftops of the village is the clock tower of the Old Town Hall.  The Old Town Hall, erected in 1762-64, is one of only two 18th-century town halls still standing in all of Finland.

After 650 years as a part of the Kingdom of Sweden, Finland was annexed to the Russian Empire. In the Spring 1809, Czar Alexander 1st. convened the Diet (the national legislative assembly) in Porvoo.  While in session, Nobility and the Burghers participating in the Diet, met in two rooms on the upper floor of the Town Hall to determine the future political status of his new possession.

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