SE Alaska Adventure

Tenekee SpringsIn the Spring of 2013 I was fortunate to have an opportunity to explore South East Alaska (SE AK) for the very first time.  One of my favorite stops was the rustic little Village of Tenekee Springs, located on the southeastern side of Chichagof Island.  This village with about 100 residents consists primarily of a single gravel roadway paralleling the shoreline of Tenekee Inlet.  This roadway lined with an eclectic collection of timber framed structures, flower/vegetable gardens and assorted maritime artifacts provided a wide variety of unique and interesting subjects for my camera.


Originally settled by prospectors and fishermen who enjoyed the 105 degree hot springs while waiting out the long Alaskan winters, Tenekee was first known as Hoonah Hot Springs.  The name was officially changed to Tenekee Springs in 1902 when a post office was established here.  The word Tenekee is from the Tlingit (pronounced Klink-it) word “tinaghu” or Coppery Shield Bay.  This name refers to three highly prized copper shields that were allegedly lost in a storm by Tlingits near this site.

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For more information on this magnificent old Alaska “frontier town” visit the Tenekee Springs web site at;

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