The Sun Will Shine Once More

_DSC0565Some days… it just seems like the sun has gone away forever!  Dreary overcast clouds hang heavy in the sky and the grass underfoot saturated from what seems like days of steady, almost incessant “drizzle”, soaks through my shoes as I walk to check on the garden.  The wooded area behind our home is lush and green, and branches hang heavy with moisture!  Cool, damp, perfectly still air surrounds and adds to the somber mood.  Will the sun ever shine again?  Then off in the corner, out of the way and largely hidden from view, a splash of color amidst the green catches the eye… rich and vibrant in the soft overcast light.  Magnificent!

Somehow the clouds feel a little less dense, the grass a little drier and the spirit is just a little bit brighter.  Perhaps the sun can wait a few more hours!

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