Ordinary Bikes in Extraordinary Places

Pink "Garden Bike," Tenekee Springs, AK 2013

Pink “Garden Bike,” Tenekee Springs, AK 2013

As an avid cyclist, bicycle commuter and cyclotourist, riding is one of my favorite things to do!  It really does not matter if I’m riding on my 30-plus year old, steel frame Panasonic LX Sport, now refitted w/ a triple crank and re-purposed as my “touring bike”, or my wife’s old Schwinn “Mesa Runner” which I converted into my “daily commuter” bike, or the 2012 carbon fiber Trek Madone 5.2 road bike (my “go fast” bike!), if I’m not out making images, or traveling, riding is probably where you will find me!

While traveling around the USA, to Scandinavia, Italy and Asia I began noticing bicycles inserted into the larger landscape.  Oftentimes, leaning against a park bench, a tree or a fence, or chained to a sign post.  Typically, a somewhat inconspicuous part of the overall environment, largely unnoticed by the casual passerby!

I started photographing these ordinary bicycles several years ago.  At first, primarily because I’m into bikes but as time went by I began to recognize the sculptural quality, sophistication and elegance that these magnificent  machines possess, and the richness, variety and sometimes just plain “fun” they can contribute to the visual environment.

The result of this ongoing effort has been an ever changing series of images (and now a  line of note cards) featuring bicycles I have photographed at various locations around the globe. In addition to prominently displaying “ordinary bicycles in extraordinary places” I believe these images also promote the bicycle as an integral part of daily life and subtly speaks to the many health, environmental and social benefits of bicycling.

Click on the link at right to view a sampling of the images in this line of note cards on this site.  Or to go directly to my online storefront where cards may be purchased follow this link: www.etsy.com/SCirauloPhotography 

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