Things We Take for Granted


Stockholm City Hall, 1923. Designed by R. Östberg

Light… Visible light to be exact, is defined by Wikipedia as “…electromagnetic radiation visible to the human eye and responsible for the sense of sight.” The primary source of all visible light we perceive is our Sun.  Traveling through the vacuum of space at a speed of over 186,000 miles per second, on average nearly eight minutes and thirty seconds are required to make the trip from the Sun to the Earth.

To the scientist, the primary properties of visible light are such things as intensity, propagation direction, frequency or wavelength spectrum, and polarization. Light is one of the fundamental constants of nature.

To the photographer and artist, light is much more!  As it interacts with the physical world it has the power to model form, define space, reveal texture, set mood and create infinite gradations of tone enlivening and revealing the surfaces that define our environment!


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