The Wonder of a Child


Turku Castle, Turku, FI 2013

A young boy peers through a medieval divided lite window in the facade of the over 700 year old “Turun linna” (Turku Castle) located in Turku, Finland.  I can only imagine the thoughts racing through this young man’s mind as the ancient glass distorts and alters his view of the gently falling snow as it slowly covers the castle complex and frozen river beyond. The Turku Castle today is a museum and popular tourist destination in Finland but in days past, and for over seven decades, it has stood guard over the Aura River Estuary.  Over its long history the castle has been a fortification, a storehouse, a prison, a barracks, an administrative center and a stately palace.

There is no doubt that these castle walls hold countless stories detailing the rich history of Finland, Sweden and other Nordic lands.  But today, on a magical and snowy day in March, these walls of solid granite and iron serve as the ideal backdrop for a little boys imagination and a proper stage for great adventure!

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