Call Me Maybe

Sweden-20110906-075Something a little different, and hopefully some fun on a late Friday evening!  Looking through my inventory of images I recently came across this one captured in Stockholm, Sweden’s Gamla Stan (Old Town) district.  Not sure why exactly, perhaps it’s the woman looking out the window with a phone to her ear, but this image reminded me of Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop hit “Call Me Maybe. In the summer of 2012 this single scorched the pop charts and set off an almost instantaneous, and seemingly unending, lip-sync craze that included the likes of Katy Perry, Colin Powell (seriously… Colin Powell), assorted sports teams, President Obama, and Jimmy Fallon to name just a few.  But the best of all of these hands down has to be the parody “Share it Maybe” by none other than Sesame Streets very own Cookie Monster!

Have a listen… bet you can’t help tapping your foot to this one, and you’re guarantee to have a smile on your face when it’s all over. Enjoy!

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