Sacred Heart First Communion 2019 – May 5, 2019

In the words of Carol Luebering, author and editor with St. Anthony Messenger Press, the Sacrament of First Communion is “… a step into new intimacy. From Baptism a first communicant has been one with Jesus, filled with the risen Lord’s indestructible life as part of his very Body, the Church. Taking a place at His table marks a new stage in the relationship with Christ, a conscious willingness to let the Lord nourish and nurture what began at Baptism.” (You can read Carol’s entire reflection on the sacrament of the Eucharist and First Communion in her article entitled First Communion Joining the Family Table.)

Congratulations to you and your child on the reception of their First Eucharist!  This is a momentous event in the development of your child’s faith life and I wish to personally commend you for guiding your son or daughter to the Table of the Lord.  I am hopeful that you, and your friends & family members, will enjoy viewing the images from this important occasion.

Below is a sample gallery of images from past First Communion Masses held at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church.  If you are a family member and would like to see more from this year’s event please visit my secure storefront by following the directions below.

Secure On-line Storefront

SCiraulo Photography’s secure on-line storefront is open as of 05/08/19 for the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 2019 First Holy Communion event.  The “Parents Information Sheet” distributed by Sacred Heart’s Faith Formation staff contains the password required to access this secure site.  If you have misplaced the information sheet, please contact the photographer and I’ll be happy to forward the password to you via email.

To access the secure storefront  for the Sacred Heart 2019 First Communion event please have your password handy and click here.