Aurora Borealis Gallery

The “Northern Lights” or Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon of nature that has amazed, mystified and intrigued humankind since the beginning of time.  A whisper of light barely visible in the evening sky, perhaps a low hanging cloud illuminated by reflected light from the moon, but somehow different!  Then suddenly and without warning the intensity grows and a brilliant green light appears.  Its edges perhaps hemmed with hints of purple or red hangs in the sky, motionless at first then dancing wildly through the cold clear nite air.  Jaws drop, fingers point and the silence of the nite is broken by ooh’s and ahh’s, and the mechanical sound of camera shutters opening and closing in an attempt to capture an image of nature’s lightshow!

Above is just a sampling of my Northern Lights images. These, and many more are available for purchase or download through my on-line storefront at  (Once on the storefront click on the “Archive”, “All Galleries” and “Travel” links to access images from this gallery.

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