Photography, applied as a creative art goes beyond the mere production of pleasing images and has the power to inspire, to motivate, to lift the spirit and speak to the “soul” of the observer. This characteristic though difficult to quantify, and even more difficult to master is however, easily recognized when present in an image.

My images tend to fall within the confines of what  generally would be categorized as either representational works or slight abstractions of the visual environment. Regardless of the genre however, it is my hope that the resulting images will be uplifting, inspirational and visually stimulating. And that they will speak to the observer, of the power and majesty of nature and of humanity’s capacity to create and appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Since my earliest experiences with photography, and continuing to this day I strive to hone my vision, and improve my technique seeking to produce compositionally strong images that capture the power, and communicate the majesty, of light within both the natural landscape and the built environment.