Sacred Heart Confirmation 2016

Confirmation ImageConfirmation is not only an anointing, but also a commissioning to live out our faith in the world. We are already called to mission by virtue of our Baptism, but at Confirmation we are endowed with gifts of the Spirit (like the apostles in Acts 2) to be “ever greater witnesses to the Gospel in the world.”  As disciples and witnesses to Christ in both Church and world, we are sent out to act on behalf of the poor and vulnerable, promoting the life and dignity of every human person. The Catechism describes Confirmation as a deepening of baptismal gifts. It says that the sacrament roots us more deeply in our identity as God’s children; unites us more firmly with Christ; increases in us the gifts of the Holy Spirit; binds us more closely to the Church; and gives us special strength to bear witness to our faith (See #1303).

In her article entitled: “Confirmation: A Deepening of Our Christian Identity” the late author, Carol Luebering writes, “With Baptism and Eucharist, Confirmation shapes us as Catholic Christians. Each of these sacraments focuses on a different aspect of our life as believers: birth, breath and nourishment.” “…The breath of Christian life is the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God dwelling within us. First received at Baptism, the gift of the Spirit is celebrated more fully in Confirmation.”

Congratulations to you, your sponsor and the family that has supported you thus far through your faith journey.  Please accept my best wishes, and prayers, on this momentous occasion. As you go forth to live more fully as a Catholic Christian may the Holy Spirit guide you and place in your heart a burning desire to become “ever greater witnesses to the Gospel in the world.” – Sam Ciraulo

Secure On-line Storefront

SCiraulo Photography’s secure on-line storefront is open as of 04/25/16 for the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 2016 Confirmation event.  The “Parents Information Sheet” distributed by Sacred Heart’s Faith Formation staff contains the password required to access this secure site.  If you have misplaced the information sheet, please contact the photographer and I’ll be happy to forward the password to you via email. I am hopeful that you, and your friends & family members, will enjoy viewing the images from this important occasion!

To access the secure storefront  for the Sacred Heart 2016 First Communion event please have your password handy and click here.