Often Asked Questions

The following is a listing of some commonly asked questions (or FAQ’s if you prefer!) Should you have additional questions that are not addressed below, we are always available to answer any questions about our services that you may have.  Simply call, email, or click on the contact us link. We will respond to your question(s) as quickly as possible!


Who owns the copyright for images?

SCiraulo Photography retains the copyright to all images we capture.


How and where am I entitled to use the images?

When you pay your invoice you are purchasing the right to use the images in specific ways.  These usage rights are spelled out in our agreement.  Typical usage rights include: use as a wall display, on your web site, in printed materials, such as brochures, portfolios, print advertising, or newsletters.  Images may also be used for promotional pieces, editorial pieces or for an editorial or award submissions.


What is “photo credit” and how is it to be used?

When any images are used for publication, in print advertising, editorial works, a brochure, and so on our agreement requires that you provide photo credit.  Photo credit is nothing more than an inconspicuous line run along the side of the image that states “© SCiraulo Photography”


Who is entitled to use the images after they have been captured?

Images are licensed to the client who commissioned the photography. Based upon the other parties requested specific uses third parties wishing to use the images must pay a usage fee assessed by and payable to SCiraulo Photography.


Can I split the cost of a photo shoot with another entity?

Yes sharing of expenses associated with a photography shoot may be shared between multiple clients.  However, when such an arrangement is requested a 25% surcharge for each additional client will be added to the creative service fee for the shoot.


How are images delivered after the photo shoot?

After the conclusion of the shoot clients are able to view, evaluate and comment on image proofs on our secure, password protected on-line storefront. Client lightboxes and image galleries streamline client collaboration, image review and selection.  Approved final, color and levels corrected images, in all popular formats, may be downloaded directly to your desktop from our secure site via FTP, password-protected links, or quick zip files from virtually anywhere on the globe, wherever there is internet access! (Note: DVD’s containing both high resolution TIFF files and low resolution JPEG files for each image are also available for a nominal fee.)


If I want prints, or other materials made how do I get these?

We will be glad to order printed materials to meet your needs directly through a custom photo processing lab where SCiraulo Photography has a long standing working relationship.  By ordering your printed materials through SCiraulo Photography we can ensure the highest quality presentation for your project.   From brochures to wall décor, working in conjunction with our printing partners we can monitor all your printing, mounting, matting and/or framing needs.  If interested in printing, mounting, matting or framing of any images please feel free to call to discuss your printing and finishing needs.


What is your billing and payment structure?

Fees and expenses on our invoices are broken down into two main areas as follows:

  • Professional Service Fee: The professional service fee is determined based upon several factors including; shoot location (e.g. on-location, or in-studio), shoot complexity (e.g. outdoor location w/ difficult site conditions) and/or specialized equipment requirements (e.g. large expansive areas requiring multiple lighting arrangements)
  • Production Expenses: Production expenses include such things as; Post production digital services such as RAW file conversion, retouching, curves/level adjustments and cropping. And any location, parking or travel expenses.


A non-refundable advance payment equal to approximately one-third of our estimated fee is due at contract signing to reserve the day for your shoot.  The balance on your final invoice is due upon receipt of our invoice.  Only when the invoice has been paid in full, does the client have rights to their specific uses.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule a shoot that I have already booked?

A shoot that is cancelled and not rescheduled within the same calendar year will forfeit the non-refundable advance payment. If for any reason, should it become necessary to postpone a shoot (e.g. A project is behind schedule, equipment or furnishings arrive damaged, etc.) SCiraulo Photography will work with you to reschedule the shoot. (Please note: a shoot that is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot time will be billed a cancellation fee equaling 25% of the professional service fee originally quoted. Also, if we are able to fill the day of the cancelled shoot with other work, the cancellation fee will be waived.)


What about weather related postponements?

If we advise you that most likely the weather will not be conducive to producing the best photographic results, and you decide to postpone the shoot before we leave our studio no cancellation fee will be billed.  If you decide to cancel or postpone a shoot due to poor weather once we have arrived on location, either before shooting begins or after we have commenced, you will be responsible for 100% of the fee, plus any expenses incurred.  Despite marginal weather, many amazing shots can be taken under “less than ideal conditions!”  Of course every situation is different, but there are many times when a lack of bright sunlight can actually improve a particular image!  Ultimately our goal is to get the shot that makes your project “shine” (whether or not the sun does!)  So please rest assured that we do understand that sometimes the weather just will not cooperate.  As a result our weather postponement policy is very lenient and we will work with you to “get the shot” when weather conditions improve!


Do I have to be present on the day of the shoot?

No, you do not need to be present on the day of the shoot.  However we do recommend that you, or a representative, be on-location to approve final photo angles and/or compositions etc. If you or your representative is not present at the time of the shoot, we request that you provide the name of and contact information for an on-site “point-of-contact” person whom we should check-in with upon our arrival.  If you or a representative is not present for the shoot, we will use our best judgment in assessing the site and will do our best to interpret your goals based upon our previous discussions. As an additional service we are available to “scout” projects to better scope out sun angles, and fine tune compositions in advance of the final shoot.  When requested, this additional service is available for $75/hour (plus mileage)




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