Product Photography

AXIM-160324-026Sam Ciraulo’s photographic expertise is complimented by the depth of his design experience, and his attention to detail developed over a 23 year career as a registered architect. This combination of skills makes SCiraulo Photography uniquely qualified to respond to your specific goals and objectives when commissioning product photography assignments.

As an architect Sam developed a keen awareness of the role that surface, form, pattern, texture, and color each play in how physical objects are perceived.  As a photographer he understands composition, and how to manipulate light to best accentuate these characteristics.  These capabilities combined with his technical knowledge of digital media manipulation combine to provide the skills and expertise necessary to produce high resolution, color and levels corrected, images suitable for incorporation into print and on-line graphic displays, illustrations, promotional and marketing materials, case studies and/or press releases.

This unique combination of skills, combined with Sam’s strong organizational abilities, general resourcefulness and his commitment to producing work of the highest quality ensures that a product photography assignment with SCiraulo Photography will represent both an excellent value and an economical solution to your unique photography needs. Click Here to see a few samples of Sam’s recent Product Photography work.

Product Photography Services are typically offered on a sliding scale fee basis. This approach allows our clients the flexibility to adjust the scope of services to precisely match their budget & production timetable with their image needs. Click Here to see a printable copy of SCiraulo Photography’s Current Product Photography Rate Sheet.

Should you be interested in booking an assignment, please contact Sam to determine date availability and to discuss your image needs and delivery timetable.

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