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_DSC5014“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” – R. W. Emerson

May His “handwriting” be abundant and obvious in your life on this most holy of days!

Call Me Maybe

Sweden-20110906-075Something a little different, and hopefully some fun on a late Friday evening!  Looking through my inventory of images I recently came across this one captured in Stockholm, Sweden’s Gamla Stan (Old Town) district.  Not sure why exactly, perhaps it’s the woman looking out the window with a phone to her ear, but this image reminded me of Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop hit “Call Me Maybe. In the summer of 2012 this single scorched the pop charts and set off an almost instantaneous, and seemingly unending, lip-sync craze that included the likes of Katy Perry, Colin Powell (seriously… Colin Powell), assorted sports teams, President Obama, and Jimmy Fallon to name just a few.  But the best of all of these hands down has to be the parody “Share it Maybe” by none other than Sesame Streets very own Cookie Monster!

Have a listen… bet you can’t help tapping your foot to this one, and you’re guarantee to have a smile on your face when it’s all over. Enjoy!

Saratoga On My Mind!

DSC_4372This weeks post…, Ok, so technically it’s last weeks post (I’ve been playing “catch-up” since my recent trip to Lake Placid, NY!), features an image captured on a fine late summer afternoon in Saratoga Springs, NY. (The City of Saratoga Springs, is home to a wide variety of interesting, educational, and entertaining venues including; Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Spa State Park, The Canfield Casino, The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame, and the Saratoga Auto Museum to name just a few!)  Even a leisurely walk through the central business district, popping in and out of the many shops, storefronts and eateries lining both sides of Broadway (the main N-S spine through the City) proves to be a pleasant, and I think productive, way to spend a late Summer afternoon! The classic architecture of historic structures such as the Canfield Casino in Congress Park (Originally opened in 1870 as the Saratoga Club House, now the home of the Saratoga Springs History Museum!), and tastefully executed multi-use modern buildings such as 262 Broadway (where today’s featured  image was captured) combined with the walk-able, “human scale” and relaxed pace of Saratoga Springs produces a very pleasant, visually stimulating and generally inviting environment which I would highly recommend!

The Art of Seeing

_DSC5124Textures accentuated by soft, non-directional light, repetitive forms, patterns (organic and orthogonal) combine to create movement and drama in even the most obscure corners of remarkable places.  All we need do is take the time to see!

This image created on one of several trips to Stockholm, Sweden was captured at Drottningholms slotts (Drottingholm Palace) the private residence of the Swedish royal family.  A UNESCO Word Heritage Site, the palace was constructed in the 17th Century according to a French prototype by the architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder.  The palace featuring elaborate salons from the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries is surrounded by a magnificent English Park and an imposing Baroque Garden.

Perhaps the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats said it best when he said, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”



Less is More


Turku, FI 2013

It has been wisely said, that which is less complicated is oftentimes better understood and more appreciated than complexity.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the twentieth century’s most influential architects is credited with coining the much cited architectural axiom “Less is more.” In fact, this succinct and astute observation was first voiced by the young van der Rohe’s mentor, German architect and designer Peter Behrens.

Brevity in communication, be it verbal or visual, when thoughtfully articulated leads to clarity and a simple eloquence.


Adirondack State of Mind


Camp Bearberry Lake Placid, USA 2015

One of my latest images from a recent “impromptu” interiors shoot at Camp Bearberry located in Lake Placid NY.  This bathroom which features an antique “dough cabinet” re-purposed as a lavatory base for one of the “coolest” bowel faucets I’ve seen in some time.  Warm wood, earth tones and tiled floor and shower wall finishes complement the Arts & Crafts styled vanity lighting,

The rustic elegant ambiance of this space is topped off with two uniquely “Adirondack” touches, a classic Adirondack basket pack and a miniature Adirondack chair.

Winters Calm

Adirondack Chairs on Bearberry Porch

Lake Placid, NY 2015

Winter.  A time of cold, and sometimes frigid temperatures.  Shortened days spent “hunkered down” with woolen socks on our feet, and warm drinks in our hands.  Also a time to slow down, relax, recharge and reflect upon goals achieved, opportunities missed, blessings received and bestowed.  In the words of that master of photography, Ansel Adams “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”



Stockholm, SW 2011

Walking through Gamla Stan or “Old Town” Stockholm, Sweden my eye was caught by a white haired gentleman sitting alone on a crimson bench in the middle of the day.  He wore a dark full length woolen jacket, dark slacks and polished black shoes.  Perhaps he was a banker or a businessman taking in some fresh air on his lunch break, or a salesman, diplomat or government official waiting on an appointment… As I watched a stiff wind blew in from the harbor and set the gentleman’s fine white hair in motion.  Instinctively, and remaining otherwise motionless he slowly leaned left into the wind as if to push back against the mounting gale.

Perhaps it was the gentleman’s instinctive “reaction” to the “action” of the wind or the man’s wild white hair,  but as I depressed the shutter my thoughts turned to  the German born, physicist Albert Einstein who’s genius contributed so much to our current understanding of the universe around us. And for just a moment I wondered…”Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.” – A. Einstein.

Found Objects


Tenakee Springs, AK 2013

Weathered wood siding rendered in soft tones of silver and grey, a whitewashed sash painted no more, steel and iron tools that in the laborers skilled hands once provided warmth and sustenance now mere ornament… yet reminders of a bygone era.  A pacific pink scallop shell symbol of the seas bounty, and testament to a way of life inseparable from the rhythms of the tide and the seasons.  A hanging potted Fuschia adds crimson, purple, green and an organic quality to the otherwise linear composition providing balance and a sense of harmony. Found objects all… altered by time and ours for the viewing, enrich and enliven our environment if we but take the time to see!

The Wonder of a Child


Turku Castle, Turku, FI 2013

A young boy peers through a medieval divided lite window in the facade of the over 700 year old “Turun linna” (Turku Castle) located in Turku, Finland.  I can only imagine the thoughts racing through this young man’s mind as the ancient glass distorts and alters his view of the gently falling snow as it slowly covers the castle complex and frozen river beyond. The Turku Castle today is a museum and popular tourist destination in Finland but in days past, and for over seven decades, it has stood guard over the Aura River Estuary.  Over its long history the castle has been a fortification, a storehouse, a prison, a barracks, an administrative center and a stately palace.

There is no doubt that these castle walls hold countless stories detailing the rich history of Finland, Sweden and other Nordic lands.  But today, on a magical and snowy day in March, these walls of solid granite and iron serve as the ideal backdrop for a little boys imagination and a proper stage for great adventure!