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From Forging Horseshoes to Cultivating History Education

Burden Iron Works fnlThe former office of the Burden Iron Works, located in Troy NY’s south end is all that remains of the once sprawling Burden Iron Company’s “Lower Works” complex where more than one million horseshoes per week were manufactured. In this image the distinguished brick Romanesque Revival building which served as Burden’s main office is juxtaposed against a “ladle car” used to transport and pour molten iron during the facilities heyday. The office building, originally constructed 1881-2 is presently the home of the Burden Iron Works Museum operated by The Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway.  This magnificent structure, which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places now houses a cultural center and an industrial history museum celebrating Troy’s rich manufacturing and engineering heritage and its pivotal role in the American Industrial Revolution.

(Note: The Burden Iron Works Museum is open to the public most weekdays from 10 to 6, and other times by appointment. For more information on the museum contact the Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway, Burden Iron Works Museum, 1 East Industrial Parkway, Troy, New York 12180-5942, (518) 274-5267.)

Afternoon Light

SCPS-150929-141Near the banks of the River Avon in Bath, England late afternoon light caresses centuries old urns lining a footpath to a lovely urban park at the waters edge. This image, captured on a recent trip to the UK, is I think another example of just how important the quality of light is in creating exceptional images. Whether an urn lined colonnade, an architectural detail, or an entire structure, the play of light over surfaces is key to revealing texture and defining form!

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